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If your application is approved, your professional classification will be closed to future applicants, meaning you will have an ongoing exclusive right to all referrals to your classification within our network.

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Under no circumstances will Vegas Referral Network (VRN), Heaton & Associates, or Aaron Heaton, or any of their affiliates, partners or agents, be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising out of, or in connection with, your presence at a VRN meeting, membership in VRN, or any business agreement or joint venture with a VRN member, visitor or substitute. Past performance of VRN is historical, and is not a reliable indicator of future results. Neither VRN, Heaton & Associates, nor Aaron Heaton makes any warranty about the reliability, character or competence of VRN members, visitors or substitutes, and any professional or personal association with said individuals is entered into strictly at your own risk.


First, let’s talk about what we do not require. There are NO application fees, NO membership dues, and NO cancellation fees. We are not here to make money off of dues. Who you know is far more valuable, and we simply want access to your network of friends, colleagues and clients, just as we want to share ours with you. For that to happen, this is what we need from our members: RAIN


Great referrers are first great listeners. Learn what group members want, listen for key words in conversation and social media, then look for opportunities to facilitate introductions.


To be referred, we must trust you. To be trusted, we must know you. To know you, we must have opportunities to get to know you, and that requires that you be here. After four (4) absences in a rolling six (6) month period, your category may be opened to other applicants. However, sending a substitute will not count against you.


Each member brings a distinct network of relationships, which extends the reach of each of our businesses exponentially. The more members we have, the larger our referral pool becomes. Help expand these connections by bringing one (1) visitor per month to VRN.


Organically identifying referrals requires that we have a deep understanding of each other professionally and personally. Schedule two (2) meetings or phone calls per month with group members to discuss business, hobbies, family, etc.

*The only monetary commitment is $15 per week during your membership.
This helps secure our venue, and is due regardless of attendance and whether you choose to eat.